This is a high viscosity gel which, by effect of gravity, is able to take all spaces, hollows, gaps inside the container where it is placed. It is a ready for use product, non stick, non oily, and is transparent and odourless. Thanks to its special formula, Easyisogel is inert to temperature changes, to ageing and may be reused several times.

It is self-agglomerating and has remarkable isolating power.

  • Self-levelling - takes all spaces inside the container
  • Self-agglomerating - does not need being amalgamated
  • Ready for use - does not need mixing
  • Reusable - does not solidify, does not decay
  • Removable - at any time, even after years
  • Non-toxic - it is not hazardous for humans, animals or the environment
  • Dielectric - excellent isolating power: 15 kv
  • Transparent - it lets you check the condition of connections at any time
  • Non stick - it does not remain and does not soil surfaces
Item Description
EASYISOGEL.05 500 gr can 4