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Arteleta srl, today ARLINE srl, was founded in Milan by Samuel Sullam on October 17th, 1944, and has been operating in the electrical sector ever since. Giulio Viganò later joined the company and, in 1959, he handed over the management to his son Giorgio Viganò. In the post-war years, Arteleta imported the electrical equipment that was in greatest demand, that is, light bulbs, dynamos for bicycles, electric torches, plugs and sockets.

In the early 1960’s, Arteleta was still importing the most popular electrical accessories on the market and, at the same time, started importing the first flat steel fish tapes from Germany.

The rising demand in the Italian market encouraged Arteleta to go into manufacturing and, in 1965, it widened its range of electrical equipment by producing the first coppered round steel spiral.

In the same year, the company moved to its present headquarters in Cinisello Balsamo.


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In the Seventies, Arteleta srl started importing the first ø 4mm nylon draw-in tapes from Sweden. Once again, a favourable market response prompted the company to base its manufacturing operation in Italy in order to produce bigger quantities at lower prices while maintaining the high quality.

As the years passed, Arteleta srl became widely acknowledged within the Italian market as the leading manufacturer of electrical equipment and the partner of choice for electrical installers tackling difficult technical problems every day.

The eight decades that Arteleta srl  has been operating in the electricity sector have enabled it to increase its technical expertise to unrivalled levels, deploying the most advanced technologies in order to optimise the manufacturing process of cable-pulling systems and attain the highest levels of quality.

In 2008, by Davide Viganò, the manufacturing division producing cable-pulling systems of Arteleta srl became  Arteleta Trading srl and then ARLINE SRL. From that point onward, only the best quality suppliers and raw materials were used in order to give the company the edge over the competition from importers and traders.

Ever since, ARLINE has maintained its leading position on foreign markets where top quality materials and products are prized.

The vast product range of ARLINE includes fish tapes in nylon, Perlon®, steel, fiberglass and twisted polyester. This last product offers enormous advantages to the electrical installers, since its helicoidal design reduces friction in the duct that has to be inserted.

Professional fish tapes made by ARLINE SRL have threaded brass heads to enable easy interchangeability of the accessories.


Even with a very long fish tape, it is therefore possible to insert short sections without having to “pass” them all the way through. Once the draw-in tape is positioned, all that is required is to remove the starting spinner and screw the pulling eyelet on the heads, then pull the cables.

Each fish tape model is equipped with various accessories to facilitate the electrical installers’ work.

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ARLINE SRL employs special technology to perfect all the design stages and the manufacture of cable-pulling tapes. The company’s expertise in research and development enables it to devise innovative solutions in order to meet the requirements of the Italian and international markets. ARLINE builds up a relationship with its partners and customers based on trust. It has sufficient flexibility to offer a tailor-made service to meet any special requirement.

All products - draw-in tapes in nylon, Perlon®, steel, fiberglass and helicoidal twisted polyester – are finished to an extremely high degree of precision and quality, because the company constantly seeks out new products and technologies, closely supervises all stages of the manufacturing process and keeps abreast of developments in electrical materials and the tools industry in general.

Staff members are engaged in continuous training and the manufacturing processes are kept under constant review, so that ARLINE srl retains its global reputation as one of the major manufacturers of cable-pulling systems for various applications, including civil and industrial plants.